Customer Testimonials

I am enclosing a photo of my 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe. This retro-rod was completed just this past year.

Thanks to your ever knowledgeable staff for assisting me in choosing the right parts for my car.

I have attended numerous cruise-ins and thoroughly enjoyed my experience at these events. Thanks again for your very good service and prompt delivery!

Color: Tangerine Pearl w/ white base. House of Kolors paint.

Lots of chrome

Please use your discretion on how to use the photo. I would be delighted if it makes your catalogs!


Nick Buckroff
Palmdale, CA

I wanted to take a moment and comment about your catalogs. I have been in the rod business many years and your catalogs are the most complete I have seen. They are very well organized & plenty of pictures. Thanks for producing such catalogs.

Mike "GasserMike" Williamson

NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-! I thank you for being there for us US Hotrodders. Whew.

Paul Bailey
Avon, NY

At my age, the "age of computers" pretty much has me stumped (I'm still trying to figure out mechanical pencils) so I hope you can open the attachments.

The 1st pic could practically be an ad for y'all, because this thing has a ton of parts from y'all either on or in it. What you can't see is the rear and it's ill fitting rear door. In addition to catching the rear on fire (that black gooey mess, that the idiot before me put in it, will burn if you weld on the other side of it (good example of NSRA fire extinguisher requirement), the rear door and the car itself came from two different places, and were done at two different places---there's a lot wrong with this thing but only if you look close.

It's powered by a 292 "6", TH350, air and modified original IFS (drop spindles--cross steering w/late model manual box).

The mural is a tribute to my son (killed in a hit & run) and my wife who is currently a survivor of lung/brain cancer. The word "Faith" is what got me through all this...

Do what you want with the pictures--just let me know you got'em and what you think.


Don Wade
Brandon, MS

The boss got a trophy!

Hey. Chevs' owner Ron Wade got a trophy at Forest Grove Concours on Sunday. I was the "car spotter" that was moving him around. Congrats!! Your company gets some credit for the looks of my 41 Ford hotrod. Thanks for the service.

Gary Sylvester
Forest Grove, OR

Thanks for that, I appreciate your professional manner. You keep me as a good client.

I would be proud, if you put the pictures of my trucks in your catalog.

I bought my 1946 Chevy truck in Ukiah, CA, most of the parts are coming from Chevs of the 40's.
I bought my 1948 GMC truck in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA. It's a classic restoration.
And I bought the 1956 Chevy truck in Modesto, CA. I still have to work on this one, to improve it. So you will still hear from me. They were not perfect, when I bought them, except the 1946, which was almost perfect. But over the years, I try to make them perfect, and you have a good choice of spare parts.

Best regards,

Denis Mosnier
Bellenaves, FRANCE