Radiator Brace (V-Rod)
Street Rod Part #
597498T38 38

Chevrolet Parts -  Radiator Support Rod. Stainless

CHEVROLET Radiator Support Rod. Stainless

Brace (V-Rod) Street Rod Polished for street rod application.

For 1938 Chevrolet Cars

Street Rod Part #
594773 37-38
$179.00 Each
Chevrolet Parts -  Radiator Brace (V-Rod) Stainless

CHEVROLET Radiator Brace (V-Rod) Stainless

This is a Stainless steel V-Rod radiator brace.

For 1937 1938 Chevrolet Trucks

Street Rod Part #
350332 39
$189.00 Each
Chevrolet Parts -  Radiator Brace (V-Rod) Polished Stainless

CHEVROLET Radiator Brace (V-Rod) Polished Stainless

This is a V shaped rod (radiator brace) that runs from the radiator to the cowl. It's made of polished stainless steel.

For 1939 Chevrolet Cars