Custom Car Catalog Cover Promo

Here's how it works

  1. You will need an account but we can walk you through that.
  2. Upload a picture of your vehicle, you must have a Chevrolet vehicle and choose from our line of chevy models we supply parts for. You can upload more than 1 picture.
  3. Choose which picture you like best.
  4. That picture is shown framed and is to be printed on the cover of our next mailing of YOUR catalog.
  5. You can do this for your car AND for your truck.
  6. You can change which picture prints at any time.
  7. All the pictures uploaded can be shared with friends and family. Chevs will allow you to upload images of all your Chevy model cars and trucks in a nice gallery with slideshow for others to come see. Others will not need an account to view your photos.

    Get Started Now Uploading

  8. NOTE: Chevs reserves the right to deny a photo if not pertaining to the vehicle specified or containing inappropriate images. Chevs also reserves the right to use any photos submitted in marketing and advertising.